Redcliff on the list in RCMP’s $100M class-action settlement (Medicine Hat News)

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RCMP GRC coat of arms

Municipal employees of RCMP detachments across the country – including Redcliff – who’ve faced harassment and gender-based discrimination are eligible to receive funds from a $100-million class action settlement, the second one reached since 2017.

There are six levels of compensation, ranging from $10,000 to $220,000, offered to non-police employees of municipal RCMP forces.

Of the 154 municipal RCMP forces, 45 – or 29 per cent – are based in Alberta.

Since Ontario and Quebec – the two biggest provinces – have their own provincial police forces and thus don’t have municipal contracts with the RCMP, B.C. and Alberta are the provinces with the most claimants.

“In reaching the agreement, we tried to be as exhaustive as possible of all the non-police female personnel who would be in RCMP-controlled workplaces and possibly subjected to experiencing harassment and/or discrimination based on their gender and/or sexual orientation,” said Patrick Higgerty, the Calgary-based lawyer who helped spearhead the suit.

Higgerty told the News that there are a wide array of these positions, including seconded municipal employees who do their jobs at the police station.


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