Settlement Terms of the RCMP Class Action Lawsuit

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RCMP class action

Non-policing female employees, consultants and volunteers can join the RCMP class action lawsuit to settle allegations of gender and sexual orientation-based harassment and discrimination.  The RCMP has agreed to a settlement. 

Women who experienced abuse and whose claims are approved by the court will be eligible for compensation from $10,000 to $220,000 per claim.

How are RCMP Class Action Claims Assessed?

The RCMP class action settlement established six levels of compensation, based on the systemic nature of the harassment and the effect on victims.

The Claims Administrator will use the framework of compensation levels to achieve decisions which are consistent and fair. The Court acknowledges each individual had a unique experience and each experience must be respected.

The framework is not a list of factors which must exist in any given case.  The existence or absence of any one factor does not dictate the level at which a claim will be decided. When determining the amount of compensation, if any, to be awarded, the Claims Administrator will view claims holistically. 

What are the Settlement Levels in the RCMP Class Action Lawsuit?

There are six levels of compensation identified in the settlement. 

  • Level 1 harassment up to $10,000 includes sexualized comments or jokes; inappropriate personal questioning; exhibitionism; bullying; mockery; and sexual or romantic communication.
  • Level 2 harassment up to $35,000 includes kissing; sexual touching; simulating sexual intercourse or masturbation; physical aggression causing harm; mockery; bullying; persistent sexual or romantic communication; and exposure to pornography.
  • Level 3 harassment up to $70,000 includes gender-based putdowns; persistent kissing or sexual touching; exposure of genitals to complainant; sexual advances; constant intimidation in front of others; intimidation by using rank; mockery with intent to degrade; incessant romantic or sexual communication; persistent exposure to pornography; and reprisals related to work environment.
  • Level 4 harassment up to $100,000 includes persistent or ongoing gender-based put-downs; touching of complainant’s genitalia; physically forcing oneself on the complainant; physical aggression causing wound; exposure to violent pornography; and harassment.
  • Level 5 harassment up to $150,000 includes persistent intimidation, bullying and aggressions; acts to denigrate and humiliate in front of others; diminished value of the complainant by assigning menial tasks below the complainant’s abilities; acts meant to affect working conditions or career development; acts causing interpersonal problems; acts intended to cause emotional stress; using rank to denigrate; repeated sexual advances; harassment towards the complainant with moderate vulnerability; and forcing the complainant to perform non-penetrative sex acts.
  • Level 6 harassment up to $220,000 includes continuous intimidation, bullying, or aggressions; forcing the complainant to engage in penetrative sex acts; harassment towards the complainant with heightened vulnerability; acts to isolate the complainant from other employees or volunteers; acts to denigrate and affect career development; sexual advances; using rank to denigrate; and acts meant to cause emotional stress.

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