Who is Eligible to Join the RCMP Class Action Lawsuit?

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RCMP Lawsuit

The RCMP class action lawsuit for women who experienced harassment while working within the RCMP covers an estimated 41,000 potential claimants. 

If you worked for or with the RCMP between September 19, 1974 and July 5, 2019 in a non-policing role and you experienced gender or sexual orientation-based harassment, this settlement could affect you.

Eligible women for the class action are those who were harassed while supervised or managed by the RCMP in an RCMP-controlled workplace such as a detachment, office or facility and worked in one of the following roles:

  • Current or former municipal employee;
  • Regional District employee;
  • Employee of a non-profit organization;
  • Volunteer;
  • Commissionaire;
  • Supernumerary Special Constable;
  • Consultant;
  • Contractor;
  • Public service employee;
  • Student;
  • Member of an integrated policing unit; or
  • Persons from outside agencies and police forces.

This settlement does not apply to female RCMP Members.

Who is Excluded from the RCMP Class Action Lawsuit?

Certain people are ineligible from joining this RCMP class action lawsuit. This includes members of the following court actions, who are excluded from this suit:

  • Merlo and Davidson v. Her Majesty the Queen, Federal Court Action Number T-1685-16 and class members in Ross, Roy, and Satalic v. Her Majesty the Queen;
  • Federal Court Action Number T-370-17 or Association des membres de la police montée du Québec inc., Gaétan Delisle, Dupuis, Paul, Lachance, Marc v. HMTQ; and
  • Quebec Superior Court Number 500-06-000820-163.

The 2017 Merlo and Davidson Class Action Settlement compensated female RCMP Members and a limited number of public servants, none of whom are eligible class members under this new settlement.

Also excluded are individuals who received prior compensation for gender or sexual orientation-based harassment or discrimination which would otherwise be compensable under this settlement.

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