How PTSD Plays a Part in Personal Injury Claims

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PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is a severe mental condition that can disrupt your whole life. Your relationships, your job, your health, and your social activities can all be impacted in a profoundly negative way. It can also increase your risk of developing other mental health problems and a dependency on drugs and alcohol.

It is a severe condition that can damage your life. It also plays a significant role in any personal injury claim following an incident.

What Are The Effects Of PTSD? 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, PTSD is a mental illness that occurs when a person is exposed or involved in a traumatic experience, which involves death, the threat of death, serious injury, or extreme violence.

PTSD does not necessarily happen right after the incident but can occur months or even years later. A lack of support after the incident, feeling powerless about the episode, and a struggle to adapt can send people into a downward spiral. Victims can experience a wide range of emotional and mental struggles, including:

  • Fearing that the incident might occur again;
  • Avoiding situations that remind them of the event;
  • Feeling paranoid, nervous or ‘on edge’ all the time;
  • Developing feelings of anger and frustrated at what transpired and a lack of closure;
  • Experiencing episodic flashbacks and vivid nightmares to what happened and thinking about the incident often;
  • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia and restlessness;
  • Straining social skills;
  • And emotionally distancing themselves from others.

To be diagnosed with PTSD, the individual has to visit a therapist or psychologist, who will guide them through a process to determine if they have the condition.

How Does It Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

If a traumatic event has left an individual with PTSD, they could miss work, or stop work entirely, lose their social life, and significantly, require them to undergo extensive physical or mental therapy to recover from the incident.

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Therefore, having PTSD means you are entitled to seek compensation for the incident, as it has negatively impacted your life. You can seek retribution for the incident by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Calgary to plead your case.

How Can Your Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

A personal injury lawyer can establish a case for PTSD and use it as the base for your claim.

The lawyer can use expert witnesses to testify (such as the therapist or psychologist) on your behalf to prove that you indeed have PTSD, as well as get close relatives to highlight how the condition has impacted your life. They will also collect information about the incident, including police reports and witnesses.

Your lawyer can plead your case and ensure that you are fairly compensated for the pain and suffering you have experienced. The condition can play a significant role in ensuring that a claim is justified and paid.

If you suspect that you have PTSD from an incident that has negatively impacted your life, you have the right to seek compensation. Find the time to speak to your personal injury lawyer in Calgary today.

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