The Cost Of An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary

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Submitting a visa application through the IRCC can be challenging and confusing for many people. It is why individuals, families and couples turn to immigration lawyers in a bid to help them with their applications. 

However, what deters people from hiring an attorney is the cost that comes with it. 

Here’s a look at what you can expect to pay for an immigration lawyer in Calgary, the types of payment options you might face, and what affects their rate. 

The Factors That Affect The Cost Of An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary  

The Type Of Visa Application 

There are different types of visa applications, and based on the submission, the fee might change. Family visas might cost more than an individual application, as there are many people to process. The overall cost of the legal fees for an immigration case will depend on the type of application being submitted.

The Complexity Of The Application 

Prices vary based on the nature and complexity of a case. The more complex the case, the more it will cost in the long-term. If the individuals looking to apply for a visa have previous issues with the government or lack the proper information, it might make the case more complicated. An immigration lawyer will evaluate the complexity of the case and the type of work that will be required before quoting a price.

The Experience Of The Lawyer 

Handling immigration laws can be challenging and tricky for most individuals. It is why you pay for the lawyer’s help. Their experience and background will prove beneficial for your visa submission, but might also cost you more. Experience is another significant factor that affects the cost. For instance, you’ll probably pay more for an attorney with 20 years of expertise under his belt compared to a new lawyer just out of law school.

Ongoing Work

If your application requires continuous work, whether during or after the submission of the application, you might find that your fee might increase. As visas are an ongoing issue for many people, lawyers have to be prompt and respond to any changes in situations. 

Immigration Lawyer Calgary

The Types Of Fees For An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary

Immigration lawyers in Calgary usually work on a flat or fixed-fee basis; however, some also work on hourly rates.

With a flat fee, you enter an agreement for the lawyer to represent you for your visa application for a fixed amount. The main advantage of a fixed price is that you’re fully aware of your legal fees from the outset.

With hourly rates, in most cases, the immigration lawyer in Calgary will determine how long the case will take, giving you a rough estimate. However, be prepared that it might be higher, depending on the complexity of your case. 

For Cost For An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary

On average, the cost for an immigration lawyer in Calgary will vary between $700 up to $5000. It will depend on the complexity of the case, the type of visa application and the number of applicants. 

It is always best if you discuss your application with an immigration lawyer in Calgary to determine how successful your case might be, as well as gauge the overall cost. 

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