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Immigration Lawyer

Submitting a visa application for Canada does not require you to use an immigration lawyer or consultant. As stipulated by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), applicants can choose if they want to be advised or represented by an immigration lawyer, or if they want to apply on their own. 

While many people choose to immigrate themselves, there are plenty of benefits to hiring an immigration lawyer in Calgary, such as their experience in immigration law, exploring possible options, and submitting an error-free application. 

If you do choose to get support from an immigration lawyer in Calgary, some caveats have to be noted. 

Immigration Lawyer Calgary

The Immigration Lawyer In Calgary Has To Be Certified  

The IRCC stipulates that immigration lawyers must be certified as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to be able to provide sound legal immigration advice to clients and to act on their behalf. Certification can only be accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), after undertaking and passing academic requirements.

You should always consider if the immigration lawyer belongs to any other professional law associations in Canada, such as the Law Society of Alberta

Lawyers or consultants that are not certified have been know in the past to be fraudulent. Always consider an immigration lawyer’s credentials before asking them for assistance. 

The References and Experience Of the Immigration Lawyer In Calgary 

References and experience are paramount to the authenticity of the immigration lawyer in Calgary. You must consider their involvement in the Canadian immigration process, such as how many years have been servicing clients and their success rate. 

Furthermore, it is essential to ask for references and to speak to those people who have used them. Online reviews might help determine the success of the immigration lawyer, but talking directly to previous clients will validate any fears you may have. 

Be Careful of Immigration Scams When Looking For An Immigration Lawyer In Calgary 

There is a considerable amount of immigration fraud occurring in Canada. 

Immigration lawyers that are not certified can lead people into submitting applications that have no chance of success, or worse, not even submitting forms at all. These fraudulent lawyers keep the money for themselves and scam individuals or families, for more fees, as time goes on.

It is imperative to look out for the signs of scammers, such as promising instant visa success and wanting payment upfront before any work is done. 

The IRCC has a tip sheet on how to avoid immigration scams. If you suspect that a lawyer is fraudulent, then you can submit a complaint to the IRCC, who will take the necessary action. 

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