Higgerty Law Explains Court Approved RCMP Class Action Settlement

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The Federal Court has approved the class action settlement filed in July 2019. The settlement applies to women who worked for or with the RCMP across Canada in non-policing roles and experienced sexual or gender-based harassment or discrimination between September 19, 1974, and July 5, 2019. Higgerty Law is a Co-Counsel on this lawsuit. The six-month claims period for submitting an application for compensation begins May 10, 2020. All claims must be submitted by November 5, 2020, to the Court-appointed Claims Administrator.

RCMP Class Action Eligibility

This class action pertains to women who experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical assault, bullying, intimidation and/or abuse and were supervised or managed by the RCMP or worked in an RCMP-controlled workplace as an employee, volunteer, consultant, contractor, student or in another non-policing role. This lawsuit follows the 2017 Merlo Davidson class action which compensated female RCMP Members who experienced gender and/or sexual orientation-based harassment and discrimination while working in the RCMP between September 16, 1974, and May 30, 2017.


RCMP Class Action Compensation

The settlement includes six levels of compensation for women who qualify under the terms of the agreement. Level 1 compensation at $10,000 applies to women who experienced sexualized comments or jokes, bullying, inappropriate personal questioning, mockery or communication of a sexual or romantic nature. Level 6 compensation at $220,000 applies to women who experienced continuous intimidation; sexual advances; acts to denigrate, isolate or affect career development; and forced penetrative sex acts.

Higgerty Law is registering potential claimants to determine eligibility and assist in the claims process. There is no up-front fee to register or, if eligible, to make a claim. Higgerty Law understands that stepping forward to tell your story and make a claim may be traumatizing. Higgerty Law has assembled a team of PrimaryClaims Advocates with backgrounds in psychology, social work and nursing to support and protect claimants throughout the process to help you feel safe, secure and empowered. If you think you might be eligible to participate in the class action, call 403-503-8888 or 1-888-699-7826 to speak to a woman who can help you get started.