Why Hire A Lawyer For Victims of Crime Financial Benefits?

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The Alberta Victims of Crime Act is a significant law that allows individuals that have suffered from violent crimes the chance to obtain financial compensation. Whether you have sustained an injury directly caused by an eligible offence, such as assault, harassment or robbery, you can apply to receive one-time financial assistance. 

The financial benefit will be based on the severity of the victim’s injury in relation to the crime and as defined in the Victims of Crime Regulation. As such, many victims look to receive the maximum compensation for their injuries, as it has impacted their physical and mental health, as well as their ability to work. 

It for this reason that victims hire a lawyer to aid their compensation claim, as their legal experience can prove highly beneficial.  

Four Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer For Victims Crime Financial Benefits


Help You Know Your Rights & Eligibility

While the rights and eligibility of the Alberta Victims of Crime Act are easy to decipher, each case is different and therefore does not guarantee if the claim can be submitted. Having a lawyer on your side can determine the legitimacy of your application, ensuring it will be submitted to the Government of Alberta. 

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Getting All Your Documents & Files 

The success of your claim depends on the strength of your case and the supporting evidence that you provide. For some, it can be difficult to procure all the relevant documents. With a lawyer on your side, they get all the evidence for you, such as medical and police reports, as well as any other vital information. They’ll be able to build a strong case for your claim.  

Submit The Application On Your Behalf 

As well as collecting evidence, your victims of crime lawyer can submit the application to the Government of Alberta on your behalf. While the process isn’t complicated in itself, it is beneficial to have a legal set of eyes going over your application before submission. Furthermore, if the claim is rejected, they can go over it again to ensure that it has a second chance when inspected by the Review Board. 

Offering You Emotional Support & Care

Apart from all the legal benefits that come with hiring a victims of crime lawyer, you also get someone that understands what you are going through. They can offer your emotional support and care, providing you with access to resources that can aid your healing process. 

If you are submitting an application for the Alberta Victims of Crime Act, it is best if you seek the support of a lawyer to support your compensation claim. 


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