Higgerty LawBlog, New RCMP Class Action

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Effective immediately, all female public service employees (PSEs) who suffered gender or sexual orientation-based harassment or discrimination while working in an RCMP workplace between September 19, 1974 and July 5, 2019 may be eligible for compensation under the Tiller Class Action Settlement.

The status of PSEs who were appointed by the Commissioner was previously unclear; this clarity by the Federal Government and the RCMP confirms their eligibility.

However, PSEs who were previously compensated under the Merlo Davidson Settlement for female RCMP Members who experienced harassment and discrimination are excluded from this current settlement.

“This is an important victory for women who suffered abuse in an RCMP workplace,” said Patrick Higgerty, Co-Counsel, along with Klein Lawyers in Vancouver. “Together with Co-Counsel, we fought hard to ensure all women who experienced this behaviour have the opportunity to claim for compensation.”

The submission deadline for claims is January 12, 2021.