Making a will is a vital step in planning for your future and making sure that your loved ones are secure and safe after your eternal rest. Wills and estates attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in wills and estates law. Moreover, they can offer the best advice on how to safeguard your assets. A good lawyer helps you understand the legal issues regarding your estate and guides you through planning for asset distribution. Regrettably, not all wills and estates services in Calgary are created equal.

To secure your interests and those of your family members, you should spend some time hiring a trustworthy attorney. Read this blog to the end to get some tips on doing the same!


Tips to Choose a Reliable Wills and Estates Lawyer in Calgary

Here are some useful tips:

1. Research a Lawyer’s Reputation

You should select a lawyer who is reputable in his legal community. Here’s how to check a lawyer’s reputation:

Check out the Lawyer’s Website

A professional and aesthetic website can indicate a lawyer’s reputation.

Read Online Reviews

Check the online reviews that give an idea of what previous clients say about an attorney’s services.

Get Recommendations

Discuss with your family members, friends, and co-workers and see whether they can recommend anyone for wills and estates services.

A good and reputable lawyer is known for quality services. Hence, you can expect a high level of service after hiring him.

2. Check a Lawyer’s Experience

Estate planning can be complicated. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer who has knowledge of the laws regarding wills and estates. An experienced lawyer:

Has a Network of Professionals

An experienced attorney usually has a network of professionals to help you with your case. The network contains accountants, financial advisers, and other experts who can efficiently help you with estate planning.

Understands the Law

An experienced lawyer is well-versed in wills and estates law. Therefore, they can give precise legal advice and help with the complicated estate planning process.

Provides Mental Peace

With an experienced attorney on your side, you can have mental peace during your tough time.

A lawyer is answerable to your questions and guides you through the process. Hence, make sure to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer who can safeguard your interests.

3. Ask About Fees

When you contact a lawyer for consultation, make sure to ask about his fees. Hire the lawyer if you are comfortable with the fee structure and other aspects. Some lawyers may charge an hourly fee, whereas others may charge a flat rate. On the other hand, some attorneys charge a contingency fee, i.e., they get paid after winning the case.

Final Note

If you are searching for a full-service law firm that offers wills and estates services in Calgary, hire Higgerty Law. We can help you with every aspect of your will and estate planning. Our lawyers are experienced in handling complicated estates and safeguarding your interests. Contact us today for more discussion about wills and estate planning!