About Our Firm

Higgerty Law is a modern law firm focusing on serious personal injury, particularly for class actions and personal injury claims. We have a strong commitment to justice and care for our clients throughout Canada. 

Meet our team:

Patrick Higgerty QC

Higgerty Law Principal Counsel

Mr. Higgerty is a long time active member of the Alberta Bar, as well as a member of the BC Bar (currently inactive). He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and also has a preceding Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University.

Mr. Higgerty’s practice focuses on serious personal injury to champion legal compensation claims of individuals who have been harmed, including in the areas of class action, personal injury, and insurance law. He has appeared at various times in all levels of Alberta Courts on such matters.

Over the years, Mr. Higgerty has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for many of his clients.

Mr. Higgerty has also served for a number of years as a Justice of the Peace with the Provincial Court of Alberta.

Throughout much of his career, Mr. Higgerty has been an active participant in the governance of various community, nonprofit and governmental organizations focused on peoples' safety and well being.

In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in his legal practice and for the public, Mr. Higgerty was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013.

Jill Taylor

Lead Claimants Counsel

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Jill worked in Calgary as a nurse in hospitals and in the community for 14 years. 

Jill complete her law degree at the University of Calgary in 1991 and began a career in health law, administrative law, and family law.

In 2009 Jill was appointed a Justice of the Peace where she presided in both traffic court and bail court in the Calgary and Regional Provincial Court of Alberta. She left this role in June 2017 to pursue practice in other areas of interest and spend more time as a volunteer.

Jill has volunteered with the Alberta Health Services Grief Support Program and continues to volunteer with Give Kids the World (in Orlando, Florida). In February 2019 she repelled a 32-story building as a fundraising project for Give Kids the World!

Jill currently holds the position of Chair of the Alberta Review Board. This Board is accountable for individuals in Alberta who have been found “not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder” or “unfit to stand trial”.

The balance of her time is focused on representing claimants in the RCMP (non-member) class action. In this class action, Jill is taking on two important roles: legal counsel and supervisor of our claims process. Jill has developed a multi-disciplinary team to support and guide claimants through the claim process using a trauma-informed process.

Jill’s background in nursing affords her the unique ability to understand issues arising from trauma. She takes a holistic approach in assisting clients who have been harmed by physical, emotional, and/or psychological abuse.

Miranda Cordaway

Director of Operations
Executive Assistant to Patrick B. Higgerty, Q.C.


Currently holding the position of Director of Operations at Higgerty Law, Miranda has over 15 years of experience in the legal field across various types of law including property law and personal injury law. Through her years of working with different people, Miranda has developed a compassionate understanding of each client’s unique circumstances and is passionate about providing quality service and seeking justice for all. Miranda is independent, driven and detail-oriented in all she does.

In her free time, Miranda enjoys reading and spending time with her children and her Insta-famous pups. She’s currently working on writing a non-fiction book.

Maria Serrano

Student at Law

Maria is a Student-at-Law at Higgerty Law. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the
University of Surrey, and prior to that, she obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of British
Columbia. As a new member of the team, Maria is excited about learning and advancing her career in

In her spare time, Maria enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Beverley Jim


Beverley joined the team at Higgerty Law in 2017, and quickly became an instrumental team member at Higgerty Law. She is an accomplished paralegal who works closely with Mr. Patrick B. Higgerty on legal matters related to personal injury. She is a proud alumni of the University of Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, specializing in Criminology and with a minor in Economics.

During her time off, Beverley enjoys reading and participating in extra-curricular activities with her 2-year-old daughter.

Steffi Nguyen


Steffi is a recent graduate from the Chui School of Business at Bow Valley College, and is a legal assistant at Higgerty Law. She is primarily involved in Class Actions and Serious Personal Injury matters.  As a new Legal Assistant, Steffi is eager to learn everything she can about the legal profession, and excited to explore the various areas of law.

In her free time, Steffi likes to go hiking with her dog Kona, and has recently joined the Portuguese Filarmonica – Calgary, as a Clarinetist.

April LePage


April is a recent graduate from the Chui School of Business at Bow Valley College and is now a Legal Assistant at Higgerty Law. She also has a diploma in Criminal and Social Justice from the Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC as well.

She has always wanted to be a part of the justice field and is very excited to be part of Higgerty Law. April hopes to one day become a social worker and use all the knowledge she gains in her time as a legal assistant and from her criminal and social justice education to better her understanding of other individuals and how to help them. She is passionate about equality and social justice and is very excited to be part of this team!

In her free time, she enjoys some “me” time to better herself. She also loves spending time outside with her husband and daughter.

Jason Zhang

Legal Administrative Assistant

Jason Zhang is an English/Mandarin bilingual legal administrative assistant at Higgerty Law. With a master’s degree in translation and interpretation, he is interested in sociolinguistics and cross-cultural communications.

Before joining Higgerty Law, he had worked in a government organization, helping new immigrants improve their language skills and integrate into Canadian culture and society.

As a new team member, he is willing to reach out to clients and keen to learn and develop professional skills as a legal assistant.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and biking with his wife and two sons in Alberta parks.

Alana Sidorsky

Legal Administrative Assistant

Alana Sidorsky has over 20 years experience as a senior administrative professional in the Oil and Gas industry. She is a born and raised second generation Calgarian that attended The University of Calgary where she obtained a BA in French Language, a minor in Italian Studies and a General Management Certificate with a focus in Marketing.

She enjoys working with diverse groups of people and finds this new field satisfying as it makes a difference in people’s lives and helps achieve fairness.

She treasures hanging out with friends and family. Travelling is her passion as it allows her to see other cultures and use her languages. Alana loves nature so enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, biking and tennis.

Olivia Volponi

Legal Administrative Assistant

Olivia Volponi is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a BA in Law and Society. She hopes to attend law school, ultimately to become a lawyer specializing in Family legal practices. Although Olivia is fairly new to the legal world, she is eager to expand her knowledge and skills within her profession. Olivia is excited to be part of the Higgerty Law family, and add to the firm’s positive atmosphere.
In her free time, Olivia enjoys indulging her passion for cooking, adding to her ever-expanding record collection and spending time with her friends and family.