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Higgerty law is a premier all encompassing law firm

Higgerty Law is a modern law firm focusing on serious personal injury, particularly for class actions and personal injury claims. We have a strong commitment to justice and care for our clients throughout Canada.

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Patrick Higgerty QC

Higgerty Law Principal Counsel

Mr. Higgerty is a long time active member of the Alberta Bar, as well as a member of the BC Bar (currently inactive). He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and also has a preceding Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University.

Mr. Higgerty’s practice focuses on serious personal injury to champion legal compensation claims of individuals who have been harmed, including in the areas of class action, personal injury, and insurance law. He has appeared at various times in all levels of Alberta Courts on such matters.

Over the years, Mr. Higgerty has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for many of his clients.

Mr. Higgerty has also served for a number of years as a Justice of the Peace with the Provincial Court of Alberta.

Throughout much of his career, Mr. Higgerty has been an active participant in the governance of various community, nonprofit and governmental organizations focused on peoples’ safety and well being.

In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in his legal practice and for the public, Mr. Higgerty was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013.

Higgerty Law
Higgerty Law


As an experienced law firm we know what it takes to maximize your settlement. We will deal with all the paperwork and legal issues.

Please note you are not charged ANY upfront fees for engaging us to represent you in this class action. Our law firm will be paid from recovered proceeds if this class action is successful.

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Provide your contact information so we can build your file. Provide any supporting documentation to help your claim.
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Review and sign the contingency agreement which stipulates how we will work together. Return it to us.
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We’ll reach out to answer any questions and provide guidance on signing and notarizing the contract to become a class member.
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We Fight for
We fight for a fair settlement. We work on contingency and take a fee as a percentage of any settlement.