Whether you are divorcing your partner, fighting for custody, or splitting assets, you will need to hire a family court attorney in Calgary. What you will go through is one of the most difficult things that your family will encounter. You will need both emotional and legal assistance during this time.

Finding a family lawyer in Calgary that fulfills your requirements can seem daunting. Hiring the right lawyer can help you get through your divorce and all family law matters, including fighting for child custody. Before deciding on a lawyer for their services, you should consider a few points.

Points to Consider While Hiring a Family Lawyer in Calgary

Hiring a family lawyer will help you get legal advice and ensure the best solution in court. Moreover, getting early legal assistance sometimes spares you from legal fees as everything is done properly. Here’s what to consider while hiring a Calgary family lawyer:

1. Communication is Essential While Hiring a Family Court Attorney

Communication ability is necessary when hiring a legal consultant. You need to hire somebody who communicates properly and makes you feel comfortable by giving the details. During your case, you will have lots of questions to ask your attorney, and you will need easy-to-understand information.

Also, while hiring a family attorney, don’t be hesitant to inform them how you like to communicate. You may prefer in-person meetings, email, or telephone discussions. Although family lawyers may not be able to accommodate your preferred communication method every time, they must make sure to communicate with you while making you feel comfortable.

2. Look for a Lawyer Experienced in Dealing with the Same Cases

You need to be sure that the divorce or family attorney you hire has experience handling family law matters. Make certain that they have the necessary skills to handle the issues in your case. Look for an attorney who has experience with your case and condition, not just an experienced lawyer.

3. Be Sure about the Availability and Time Management Skills of Your Lawyer

The court’s procedure often runs slowly. If you will go through this process, time is not in your lawyer’s hands. However, when looking for a Calgary family court lawyer, look for someone who responds quickly to your questions and can take the time to discuss your concerns or questions with you.

If you believe your lawyer is not prioritizing your case, speak up and inform them. Your family law proceedings are one of the most hectic periods of your life. Thereby, your legal consultant must not add to this anxiety by avoiding your calls or not replying to your queries.


Although you might feel the need to hire a family court attorney in Calgary, you need to ensure you find the right person. Spend some time researching and thinking about hiring someone with experience in the same field. Higgerty Law is dedicated to providing honest, dependable, and legal services in Calgary. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.