The connection between grandchildren and grandparents can be magical. However, in Calgary, grandparents don’t automatically have the legal right to adopt their grandkids. Basically, this connection is aided and backed by grandparents and parents. In some families, grandparents may be relied on for childcare. However, in situations like a divorce, a grandparent’s access to their grandkids may be limited or revoked if the parents don’t agree on parenting matters and aid the grandparent-grandchild connection. Child support lawyers can assist with grandparents’ rights and adoption services in Calgary.

What Grandparents Should Know About Their Rights

All families are not the same, as is the special bond between grandchildren and their grandparents. When it comes to adoptions, grandparents sometimes feel helpless. While parents are the main players when it comes to determining who will be the caretaker of their kids, it is necessary to identify the role that grandparents have in a kid’s life.

Are Grandparents Legally Entitled to See Their Grandkids?

The answer is no. The Family Law Act of Alberta does not make particular reference to accessing grandparents’ rights. In short, grandparents have no right to adopt their grandkids. However, if they don’t get access to their grandkids, there are some options.

The Options for a Grandparent

Retaining your right to visit your grandkids may need some work. If you feel that you may not get access, you must be proactive and take precise steps to help right the course. The bond that you have with your kids and their spouses is sometimes a necessary factor in accessing the grandkids.

For a few families, a separation or divorce between the grandchild’s parents can make the connection with in-laws bitter. A son-in-law may determine that he doesn’t want his kid to visit his ex-wife’s parents out of spite, resentment, or anger. And it can seem unfair and leave the affected grandparents feeling helpless.

Maintaining a special connection with the grandkid’s parents is necessary. Refrain from giving unwanted advice and avoid being biased during disagreements. If you cannot contact the kid’s parents, store comprehensive records of the efforts you made to stay in touch.

If you have a ruined relationship with your kid and his spouse, take some time to consider whether you can repair it. Even in some cases, if you think you were in the right, you may have reduced differences for the better.

The Court as the Final Resort

If your attempts to work together with your grandkid’s parents do not work well, you may have to consider some other types of activities. You may apply to the court to get a contact order that could help aid you in receiving the access you seek.

Final Words

Family ties are sometimes complicated. In a few cases, particularly if there is a worry about a kid’s wellbeing, it may be best to receive grandparents’ rights and adoption services in Calgary from a professional. At Higgerty Law, a family attorney, who has knowledge about grandparents’ rights and adoptions, can offer legal advice to help you decide the best way to proceed. Contact us to learn more.