Preparing for an initial divorce consultation with an experienced family lawyer can be stressful. However, experienced family lawyers in Calgary understand that you are going through one of the most miserable life events you will ever encounter. Moreover, they strive to make sure that you feel supported in making detailed legal decisions. This blog discusses how to best prepare for your initial divorce consultation in Calgary with a family lawyer.

Hiring a Skilled Calgary Family Lawyer

The first step in getting legal counsel is hiring a family lawyer for an initial divorce consultation. With several types of law and lawyers practicing within this field, it’s a good idea to conduct your own study, check reviews online, or ask your friends, colleagues, or neighbours for referrals.

Since Calgary is a small city, if you have hired a lawyer for another purpose earlier, even for something like real estate, they can refer you to some reputable family attorneys in Calgary. While choosing a family law attorney, don’t be shy! Contact different law firms to find out their charges and availability. Their friendly executives will tell you about the company’s reputation and professionalism and will indicate the types of people who can represent you.

Things to Bring to Your Initial Consultation

What to bring to your initial consultation with a family lawyer in Calgary will vary based on your specific situation and what precisely you are seeking from the attorney. Dealing with the divorce process is one of the most common tasks of a family lawyer. However, if you have any specific questions about what to bring, don’t be afraid to ask the legal assistant.

Create and bring a list of all your liabilities and assets. Bring any vital or urgent financial documents. Also, bring your cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreement if they are relevant to your case. If this is your second marriage, bring the divorce judgment from your earlier divorce. Eventually, you will also require your original marriage certificate. Hence, if you have to order a new one, you should do it now.

Make a List of Issues That Need To Be Addressed

Consider any critical issues that should be identified ahead of time. This may include a parenting plan, spousal or child support, and/or what you are going to do with the house. The lawyer can assist you in prioritizing such matters in order to maximize your benefit during the separation period.

Also, if you and your life partner have agreed on some specific problems or settlement processes, make sure you suggest them to your legal counsel so that they can work on them. If you and your spouse can agree to certain things on your own, your legal fees will be lower, and you will experience less conflict during this procedure.

Final Thoughts

At Higgerty Law, we want you to feel confident and comfortable while choosing a lawyer to represent you. If you are seeking legal advice, connect with us today to set up an initial divorce consultation in Calgary.