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Submitting a visa application and dealing with the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada can be overwhelming and emotionally stressful. Your future in Canada is in the balance, and any mistakes or miscalculations can render your legal status in the country obsolete. If you feel bewildered with the prospect of handling your immigration applications, Higgerty Law can help.

Our certified immigration consultants in Calgary can smooth your transition and handle your application with confidence and professionalism. We have assisted clients with all types of visa applications, including work, study, spousal, permanent residency, as well as helping individuals obtain Canadian citizenship. Our experience in immigration law means you’ll get an immigration consultant who understands regulations, confusing terms and conditions, and complicated application processes.

We know how to develop a solid foundation for your application. We will assist you in collecting all valuable documents, ensure all forms are correctly filled out, and ensure you follow the correct process for your application. If something does go wrong with your submission, and your  legal status is in jeopardy, we will help get you back on the right path. We will analyze all the options so you can stay in Canada.

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Why Higgerty Law?

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How Our Immigration Consultants Help Your Application

Don't risk your future in Canada. Take charge and ensure your application is handled by the professional consultants at Higgerty Law.

Our immigration consultants are genuinely passionate about Canada, where everyone has the opportunity to live a comfortable and rewarding life. Our passion for this great country fuels our work to help all applicants start a new chapter in their lives in Canada.

Our immigration consultants are well-versed in immigration law, staying up-to-date on changes which can affect your application or status. Our team is  proactively  and on top of changes in legislation and regulations, ensuring your visa is not negatively impacted.

We will help with all steps of your application. If you are facing issues with the IRCC, we will help compile a case on your behalf. With one of our consultants on your side, you can expect support whenever you need it.

Our immigration consultants speak many languages: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Punjabi, Arabic, and Hindi. We can break down and explain complex terms for you, so you know what to expect. Our fees are affordable and competitive.

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Why Higgerty Law?

Our Canadian immigration consultants and the team at Higgerty Law can help you with all your immigration needs in coming to Canada.


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If your legal status in Canada is under threat or you are struggling to submit a valid application, don’t do it alone.  The experienced team at Higgerty Law can make this life-changing decision easy, transparent, and successful.

Our team of consultants are sophisticated, well-versed and professional in handling all applications and visa issues. We use our considerable resources to provide you with the best legal representation. We will ensure the government fully recognizes your application to stay and live in Canada.

Embrace the opportunity to have a professional immigration consultant by your side. Our immigration consultants are ready to help you with your visa application or your immigration case by providing you with a free consultation to discuss any issues of concern. You can have this discussion over the phone or in person.

If your immigration application has caused significant damage or involved you in a questionable situation, we employ victims of crime and personal injury lawyers who can help. Book your consultation today.

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