Going through a divorce is the last thing you want to address. Or maybe the child’s parents met with a fatal accident and now the real question is with who will take custody of the little ones. Asking help from a lawyer for child custody in Calgary is indeed a necessity at this stage.

Recent studies have shown that in over 51% of child custody or placement cases, both parents agree that the mother needs to have the primary placement of children. But, not all cases are the same and you need to go through a child custody battle. You won’t be able to win the battle on your own unless you have a well-trained solicitor by your side. So, check in with the points, when it becomes necessary to hire professionals for help.

Ex has all the big points under his belt

In case the ex-spouse had already hired a legal representative, then it is a sign that you need to contact the best lawyer for child custody in Calgary, to win the ball over your court.

  • The last thing you want is to be inconvenienced and lose children as you are facing a better opponent.
  • Understand that a child custody lawyer is skilled, experienced and educated in fighting such battles on your behalf.
  • They are well-aware of all the ins and outs related to family law and you won’t get a chance to beat them unless you have a legal representative backing up your case for you.

The child custody case gets more complicated with passing day

There is always a possibility that your child custody battle started on a good note, but it has turned sour with every passing day. It is because you and your ex disagreed on some points, and failed to come to a compromise.

  • With every passing day, the child custody case will turn out to be more complicated and that’s when you need help from professionals to guide you through the steps well.
  • Maybe your ex has decided to remarry or move to a different location with your kids. During such instances, you need to win the fight to prevent your kid from moving to a new city.
  • The best course of action is to hire a lawyer for child custody in Calgary for help. The solicitor will train you on the best steps to take during such situations and what the right action will be.

When your child is in danger

In case you have been living with a violent partner, then you probably know that keeping your kid with him will probably not be a good idea. So, you need to hire experienced lawyers to win your child and not let your violent partner get his custody.

Maybe your ex has already threatened you to harm your child just to get revenge on you. So, catching up with the best lawyer from the house of Higgerty Law is the biggest point to consider now.

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