Higgerty law is a premier all encompassing law firm
Our lawyers focus exclusively on litigation and dispute resolution. We help individuals and corporate clients with a wide range of disputes, as both plaintiffs and defendants. We know how to get to the core issue, find the best options for you, and bring the right experts together. Our goal is to reach a successful resolution as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life and business.

We’ll help you choose the dispute resolution tactic that’s right for your situation. That can include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial as a last resort. We have extensive experience with mediation and the arbitration process, and often use them to reach a settlement outside of court. If we use a mediator, we’ll choose one based on their strengths and your case.

Impressive trial experience

If a trial is needed, our group’s 10,000+ combined days in court and arbitration have given us the skill to respond quickly, appropriately, and decisively. We’ve appeared in all levels of court in Alberta, and have extensive experience with other administrative and regulatory bodies. We’ve successfully negotiated solutions in highly challenging situations, which is why our offers are taken more seriously by the opposition.

We represent clients in many areas, including:

  • Administrative and regulatory
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency and restructuring
  • Business law
  • Condominium law and homeowners’ associations
  • Construction
  • Contract disputes and issues
  • Debt recovery and foreclosure under banking and condominium law
  • Defective products and consumer protection
  • Franchises and dealerships
  • Real estate
  • Securities
Lawyers who pick up the phone
You need a lawyer who takes the time to understand your needs and goals. Someone who is available to talk to you and will reply to emails quickly. We make sure you get that level of service throughout the process—which includes using our highly trained support staff—so nothing slips through the cracks.

Adding complicated legal jargon to an already stressful situation isn’t helpful. We’ll communicate with you in plain English and save the legal language for legal documents.

More economical litigation
We start out by weighing costs against benefits and continue to do this at every step of the process. You’ll get estimates by phase, and benefit from our favourable hourly fee structure. Because we assign tasks to the right people at the right seniority and skill levels, you aren’t paying more unnecessarily.