Making a will is always one of the major things that you have to do in your lifespan. It ensures that once you pass away, your wishes will get fulfilled and your property will get passed down to the beneficiary or the beneficiaries of your preferred choice.

Much like that, you have the mirror wills services for spouses in Calgary, which are known as identical wills made by two people, mostly married couples or one in a civil partnership. It helps them to leave everything to one another or their children.

The mirror wills are now gaining popularity because they offer a cost-effective and simple way to create a will when a couple has the same wishes on how they are planning their estate to get distributed when they are gone.

The benefits involved with mirror wills

The primary advantage of the mirror wills services for spouses in Calgary is that if any couple has the same wishes about what happens to their property when they pass away then these wills are pretty easy and quick to set-up.

  • It is mainly because even though two legal documents will be drawn up, they are mostly identical in every way possible.
  • It will make mirror wills to be way more affordable than just creating two entirely separate wills, if the dreams of the couple are the same.
  • Mirror wills should not be targeted as entirely identical.
  • A couple might have the same wishes, but each person will stipulate their own preference for who they would like to appoint as their guardians, trustees or executors.
  • It can always be considered to be an ideal choice for couples who are willing to leave their assets to children from previous marriages or relationships.

Going in with the complications now

It is mandatory that you need professional help to cover up mirror wills services for spouses in Calgary and legal experts are always there to help you find your answer. But, before you proceed onto making a mirror wills, it is important to focus on the complications that these documents come with.

  • People are mostly mistaken in thinking that their wishes will get honored when they die. But, Mirror wills might get changed at any time, without the other person having a clue.
  • For example, if one person dies and the other remarries, then they can change their Will and leave all to their new spouse and not to the children.
  • Mirror Wills have the tendency to get changed when both partners are alive still.
  • The wills won’t be legally linked so if anyone plans to change the will, the other person does not have to be notified legally.
  • Even though the couple’s wishes might be the same, their respective wills are theirs alone to change if they want to.

A lot needs to be learned about Mirror Wills before you jump straight into making one with your partner. To help you with the making of wills, the team from Higgerty Law is there to help.

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