Since commercial property contracts can be complicated and some landlords may add unfair provisions, you should consult a lawyer to review the details. When you hire a commercial property lawyer in Calgary, they will check the agreement and give feedback and suggestions and mark sections that may expose you legally.

Commercial Property Laws

First, you should understand that the government heavily regulates this sector. So, you must be aware of different laws while purchasing this kind of property. Buyers should understand the rules and regulations applicable to the commercial real estate in Calgary they are planning to purchase. Sometimes, what you want to do with the property can be limited in another way.

Here are the primary groups of laws applicable to the commercial property you are willing to purchase:

  •         Insurance Law
  •         Landlord-Tenant Laws
  •         Local Laws and Ordinances
  •         Zoning Laws
  •         Anti-Discrimination Laws
  •         Disclosure Laws

As you see, the list is quite long. You are highly recommended to look for legal advice while purchasing commercial real estate.

Questions to Ask While Purchasing a Commercial Property in Calgary

A Calgary commercial real estate lawyer can help you administer the proper due diligence on any commercial property you plan to purchase. Here are the questions you may ask your lawyer:

  •         What are my duties and rights upon getting control of this property?
  •         Is the property in good condition?
  •         Is there an environmental issue or a hidden liability that could cause problems in the future?
  •         Can I negotiate with the seller? What should I be negotiating?
  •         What should I do regarding current tenants in the building?
  •         Is the title clear?

Your lawyer can help you make sure your commercial real estate purchase is a good decision.

Questions to Ask While Selling a Commercial Property in Calgary

Your lawyer’s negotiation expertise will be helpful during the selling procedure. Undoubtedly, they can guide you through the process. Here are some questions to ask:

  •         What disclosures are necessary?
  •         What should be changed before the closing?
  •         Are there issues related to the closing that should be cleared?
  •         What type of deal can I negotiate?
  •         What are tenants’ rights during the selling procedure?
  •         Are there issues with the title that must be resolved?

Are You Looking for a Reliable Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Calgary?

When you hire a commercial real estate lawyer in Calgary, you will be working with a professional who can deal with several legal problems related to commercial property deals and leases. Packed with the knowledge that they share, they will help you understand what you are buying or selling. Moreover, it will help you negotiate the best deal possible.

The team at Higgerty Law can guide you through the legal matters of securing a commercial property. If you live in Calgary, you can contact us to hire the best commercial property lawyer in Calgary.

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