When a married couple opts for divorce, the court might award spousal support or alimony to the former spouses, depending on agreement between the couple or the decision made by the court. It is separate from dividing marital property and will vary from one case to another.

Most people have questions on how the alimony might be related to child support. Getting help from spousal support lawyers in Calgary to understand the scenario is really important. Alimony is different from child support payments as child support money should only be used for raising minor children while they are in parent’s care.

Understanding alimony beforehand is a crucial step to ensure that you get what you deserve. So, the solicitors are here to help you answer all the crucial stages well.

Know more about alimony

The main goal of alimony is to limit unfair economic effects of a divorce by presenting continuing income to a lower wage earning or non wage earning spouse. Part of this jurisdiction is that the ex-spouse might have chosen to forego a career to support the family and needs some time to develop a skill and get a job to financially support them.

Another main aim of alimony in some of the higher income families is to help spouses continue a living standard they had while bound within the marriage vows.

How the amount gets determined

In most of the states, child support is mandated as per the specified monetary guidelines. But, in terms of alimony, courts have broader discretion to determine the right amount. Reputed spousal support lawyers in Calgary will help you find some answers on the amount you deserve from this divorce.

  • Most of the states’ spousal support is based upon the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act.
  • It recommends certain scenarios, which will help in determining the right alimony to be awarded to one of the former spouses.
  • The age, emotional and physical condition and financial state of the former spouses will help in determining the right alimony to be awarded.
  • It also focuses on the length of time that the recipient might need to educate or get trained to become self-sufficient.
  •  Every couple has a standard of living during marriage. This step will also be determined to understand the right alimony money.
  • Even the length of marriage plays a major role in this regard.
  • The ability of the payer spouse to support the recipient and still support himself will determine the final value to address under alimony rewards.

The increase or decrease within alimony

An alimony order will remain the same from one year to another. Even in case the ex-spouse has a larger increase in the taxable income or receiving enough bonuses at work, the former spouse is not likely to get benefitted from that increase in the salary count.

Then, in case the paying spouse ends up with a major drop in income to a point where he or she cannot afford to pay alimony, then they might petition the court to help reduce alimony payment.

For that, a review of the tax returns is important. Learn about that from spousal support lawyers in Calgary by getting hold of them at Higgerty Law.