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Are you a victim of assault, abuse, harassment, or a robbery? You may be entitled to financial compensation under the Victim of Crime Act of Alberta which supports individuals who have sustained an injury directly caused by an eligible offence. Higgerty Law has experienced lawyers to assist you in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to pursuant to the Alberta legislation.

Qualifications For Financial Benefits Include That:

  • You have been a victim of an offence which occurred within 2 years
  • You have sustained physical and/or psychological injuries as a direct result
  • The offence committed is an eligible offence under the Act
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Why Higgerty Law?

Proven Success

The Higgerty Law Team has proven success in representing Alberta victims of crime.

No Upfront Costs

Our services are done on a contingecy fee basis which means we only get paid when and/or if you do.

Complete Service

We will represent you in all stages of the claim process including an review hearing.


What Is The Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program?

The Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program of Alberta provides one-time financial assistance to victims of crime, as an acknowledgement of their victimization. The financial benefit is based on the severity of the victim’s verified injuries and is set in the Victims of Crime Regulation Act.

Depending on the severity of the crime you suffered, you can be entitled to receive the maximum compensation claim as defined in the Act.

We will manage all aspects of your claim, including submitting all victims of crime forms to the Government of Alberta, collecting the necessary police or medical records to verify your claim, assisting with the review process, and ensuring you get all victims of crime payments. We can help victims of all crimes, including physical and sexual assault, robbery or harassment.

Speak To Higgerty Law For Victims of Crime Claims

Higgerty Law is committed to providing our clients with strong legal support and maximum results. We are well-trained to assist people facing the most difficult moments of their lives and ensure they get the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.

If you are suffering from a crime that has left you in severe distress, don’t miss out on getting the compensation you deserve. From physical assault victims to criminal harassment victims, there is no case too large or small for us. Our lawyers will assist you with every step.


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