In Calgary, real estate involves humongous amounts of paperwork and legal formalities, which makes the entire procedure cumbersome. The dynamic legal procedures and formalities make it more difficult for you to keep track. This is the time when you need to knock on the doors of an expert and diversify the requirements into their desired boxes. Here, we will identify when you need real estate legal advice in Calgary to make your transaction seamless.

When to Seek Assistance from a Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate legal advisors act as a bridge between the legal formalities and you, making the transactions successful. Now that you have decided to step into the world of real estate, you need to know when to seek help from legal advisors. Let’s check the instances when advice from a legal expert would be perfect!

1. Reviewing the Property Title

The primary step before purchasing a property is to verify the ownership rights of the property you are interested in purchasing. Also, the legal advisor will ensure there is no litigation pending on the property or the owner to avoid complications in the future. Additionally, they will make sure the property is free of any encumbrance to save your hard-earned money from getting forfeited.

2. Verifying Statutory Approvals

Purchasing a property is a series of events that result in a successful transaction. The real estate advisor will seek the necessary approval from the designated authority to legalise the property.

3. Checking on the Statement of Adjustments

The Statement of Adjustments is one of the most important documents that will determine your financial expenses and save you from burning a hole in your pocket. This document presents to you the balance that needs to be paid on the property you are seeking to purchase. It also gives you itemized information on the amount you need to pay for specific areas. Though the buyer and seller have separate statements, your legal advisor will ensure your statement is free of any errors.

4. Reviewing the Property Report

This is a consolidated report that the real estate lawyer will prepare for you that will allow you to see a transparent image of the property you are about to buy. This will showcase the boundaries of your property along with the areas where improvements are required.

Closing the Points

In Calgary, there is an overwhelming number of properties to select from that may give you a tough time. However, selecting a single property as per your budget is not suggested in this case. Shortlist a few properties and seek real estate legal advice in Calgary. Being a novice in the genre, it is expected that you will be unaware of the steps to avoid and take. The legal advisor will ensure you maintain the right track from the initiation of the formalities till you get a handover.

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