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Higgerty Law is Co-Counsel on this class action. We invite women who might qualify for compensation to register today for the class. Our compassionate all-female team will support and protect you through this confidential process. The settlement specifically prevents retaliation.

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At Higgerty Law in Calgary, Alberta, you can expect experienced and effective legal representation from our team of friendly, tech-savvy attorneys. Our Calgary law firm utilizes the latest technology to make working with us convenient and easy for clients. It also gives us a leg up when it comes to our success in handling your legal issues.

Higgerty Law is a highly-diversified practice. We provide comprehensive legal assistance to a wide range of targeted areas. Our specialties include class action lawsuits, serious personal injury lawsuits, general civil litigation, victims of crime claims, as well as immigration law. With our extraordinary team of lawyers, we can offer you legal expertise, come up with innovative solutions to your legal problems, and provide helpful strategies for a vast range of litigation types.



The team at our Calgary Law Firm is tech-savvy. Our lawyers utilize technology extensively throughout the process of representing clients, which allows the entire firm to operate efficiently and makes it easy for clients to stay in touch. When you work with a lawyer from Higgerty Law, you will experience firsthand how our tech-savviness ultimately makes the time you spend with us and the services you receive more convenient, cost-effective, and dependable. Our commitment to outfitting our lawyers with the latest technology allows us to always remain a cutting-edge Calgary law firm.


When you work with a Calgary Law Firm, you want to ensure your lawyer has handled a legal matter like yours before. You won’t have to worry when you work with a member of the Higgerty Law Team. The combined experience of our lawyers is staggering, and the extraordinary experience we offer clients is thanks to decades of representing clients throughout the Calgary and Alberta area.

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Choose a Calgary Law Firm that is known for winning. At Higgerty Law, we are in the business of helping people get the results they are seeking and deserve. Our record is impressively solid. Our success with major class-action settlements and serious personal injury cases is a testament to the skill and prowess of our lawyers.


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The best type of Calgary law firm is staffed with an experienced and diversified team that can handle nearly any time of legal matter that arises. Luckily, we are a premier, all-encompassing firm with extraordinary and friendly lawyers who have decades of experience and a vast amount of expertise. We can help you with legal matters that may arise for you in any of the following areas:


Class Actions
Personal Injury
Real Estate
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